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Hawaii Wildlife Fund (HWF) protects Hawaii's most vulnerable marine animals, organizes public awareness campaigns, trains naturalists and provides interpretation for thousands of island residents and visitors each year.

Mahalo for your support! Much of our success can be credited to the support we receive from volunteers, private donations, grants, and borrowed manpower and equipment from other agencies and small businesses.

Want to make a Donation? Your funds will be put to good use on one of HWF's Projects. Have another idea how you can support HWF? Please do not hesitate to contact us! Please email us at

Ways To Help:
  > Become a HWF Volunteer
  > Donate to HWF
  > Adopt an Endangered Animal
  > Be a Steward of the Earth
  > Intern with HWF

> Become a HWF Volunteer
Are you dedicated to preserving our natural habitat? Put that energy into action by volunteering with Hawai'i Wildlife Fund's research or conservation Volunteer with Hawaii Wildlife Fundprojects. HWF volunteers work side-by-side in the field with trained staff members, helping to protect animals and their habitat.
Through your help, HWF works to ensure that sea turtle hatchlings emerge from their nest. They help monitor nesting beaches, educate the public and track our sea turtle mothers after they return to sea. HWF's Monk Seal Watch helps ensure that these critically endangered animals that are resting onshore receive the privacy they need.

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> Donate to HWF
Help support the ongoing efforts of Hawai'i Wildlife Fund and our specific research and conservation efforts by making a tax-deductible contribution. Your donation helps support the efforts of a dedicated team of conservationists working to preserve Hawai'i's marine life. Your donation will help fund:
     HWF's Hawksbill Sea Turtle Recovery Project
     HWF's Hawaiian Monk Seal Recovery Project
     HWF's education program
     Humpback whale research and education
     Wild dolphin conservation
     Coral reef conservation

 > Be a Steward of the Earth
Cheryl King at HonokoaAdopt and follow HWF's Reef Use Guidelines when you snorkel or dive the islands' coral reefs, whether on your own or with a commercial charter boat. Contact us to learn about tour companies that have adopted the ethical and sustainable whale watch, snorkeling and diving practices HWF produced.
Visit Hawai'i during the winter months to experience humpback whales on their breeding grounds. Choose a vessel that employs a HWF-trained marine naturalist.

> Intern with HWF
HWF interns engage in hands-on field work through our Hawaii Wildlife Fund Internship Programconservation, research and education projects that focus on native wildlife protection, marine debris recovery and habitat restoration. HWF's rich program allows people of all ages from high school to retirement age to learn, to experience, to immerse themselves in island life and culture, and to make positive change in the world. Students may earn credit for high school, college or community service programs.

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