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Jeff Corwin receives a Maui Reef Fund tag
Animal Planet's Jeff Corwin receives a Maui Reef Fund tag from HWF President Hannah Bernard.
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Maui Reef Fund

   > Introducing Maui Reef Fund
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> Introducing Maui Reef Fund
The coastal waters of Maui are blessed with a vast diversity of marine life and miles of exquisite coral reefs, making for some of the finest diving and fishing in the world. Maui Reef Fund is a partnership between marine tour operators and conservationists designed to help ensure that these outstanding coral reefs are protected and remain healthy for generations to come.

Conservation InternationalConservation International is one of HWF's newest partners under its Maui Reef Fund program, funding a unique collaboration between marine tour operators and the fishing community to pull derelict fishing gear off Maui reefs. During 2012 the focal sites are two key fishing grounds in Maui waters - at MacGregor Point in Ma’alaea Bay and Kanaloa Point in La Perouse Bay.

“Maui Reef Fund is working to remove gear entangled on the reef and at the same time to raise awareness. Our goal is to work together to malama our nearshore waters,” said Hannah Bernard, HWF President and co-founder of Maui Reef Fund.

> Threats to Maui's reefs
Hawaii ranks 48th in the nation in funding for coastal and aquatic management. This is unfortunate, because our fragile marine environment faces many serious threats, including:

  • Overfishing
  • Spread of alien species such as coral-killing algae
  • Destruction of ecosystems due to coastal development
  • Pollution
  • Damage to reefs from boats and anchoring

> DONATE to Maui Reef Fund
Your donation to Maui Reef Fund will go into a private, non-governmental fund which is managed by a council of partner agencies including marine recreation operators, the Malama Kai Foundation, The Nature Conservancy and other conservation organizations, including Hawaii Wildlife Fund.

> How Maui Reef Fund works
The program begins with your contribution. Your Membership Card will identify you as a participant in the Maui Reef Fund. Your contribution will go into a fund that will be distributed to Maui conservation groups working on a variety of marine enhancement projects. Contribute $5 or more and receive a sticker as our gift.

> How Your donation will help

  • Raise public awareness about the importance of marine restoration
  • Set up and maintain anchoring and mooring systems for marine recreation operators to protect coastal areas
  • Conduct underwater cleanups of key reef sites in collaboration with the local fishing community

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