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Hawaiian Coral Reefs
Hawaiian name: Ko‘a

About Hawai'i's Coral Reefs

How HWF works to help Coral Reefs

Black durgeon midwater at Molokini - photo by Carrie Robertson
Black durgeon swim over coral-covered Molokini Crater's shallow waters.

> About Hawai'i's Coral Reefs
Coral reefs exist in only two percent of the world's oceans. The diversity of life in a coral reef is second only to that of the tropical rainforest.

Coral animals are ant-sized relatives of jellyfish that produce protective limestone habitat for multiple species of fish and other organisms.

The world's coral reefs are being greatly impacted by environmental degradation and human misuse. Coral bleaching, overfishing, abusive fishing techniques, anchor damage, algae blooms, global warming and fish feeding are some of the problems affecting the natural balance of our reef systems today.

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> How HWF works to help Coral Reefs

Hawai'i Wildlife Fund participates in the Coral Reef Initiative, an international effort dedicated to gaining a baseline Coral monitoring - photo by Carrie Robertsonunderstanding of the health of Hawaii's coral reefs, and conducts reef surveys and educational programs.

Hawai'i Wildlife Fund naturalists are certified in underwater survey techniques by a program at the University of Hawaii. We conduct coral reef assessment projects to better understand reef health, sea turtle habitat and the impact of potential development to our reefs.

Hawai'i Wildlife Fund increases public awareness about our unique reef ecosystems by sponsoring conferences, distributing coral reef cards and teaching visitors firsthand about proper reef etiquette. We advocate a no-touch policy, no fish feeding, and respect for sea turtles and other marine life; "take only pictures, leave only bubbles."

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Hawaiian Reef Photos
Snorkel boat - photo by Carrie Robertson
Snorkeling boat
Schooling surgeon fish - photo by Carrie Robertson
Schooling surgeon fish

Butterfly pair over coral
Turtle cleaning station - photo by Carrie Robertson
Turtle cleaning station
Hawaiian cleaner wrasse - photo by Carrie Robertson
Cleaner wrasse
Diver with antler coral - photo by Carrie Robertson
Antler coral at Molokini

Manta ray over reef
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